Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spaced Out

This question was posted to the Astronomy and Space section of Yahoo! Answers. I've copied the question verbatim. There were several replies complaining about spelling and that it was the wrong category. Such a wasted opportunity for "Best Answer" of an easy question. Then, i've copied my reply, verbatim.

I juz need sum help!! sumone??

okaii so ive been wiv my bf for ova 2 yrs now nd hes been acting wired l8ly so i asked him wat was up i ended up geting out of him that he doesnt feel the same neymore hes realli confused bout it all i dunno nd he says he doesnt wanna brake up yet.. were giving this week end ago 2 c wat happends but im so confused i juz love him so much i dun wanna loose him plz advice sum1 plz!!

This is Astronomy and Space, so expect some weird, even hostile answers.

We'll approach this as an engineering problem. What are the requirements? Clearly, you want to attract and keep your boyfriend. There are three things you'll likely want to do.

First, you want to be good looking. An attractive appearance is a proxy for health. You want him to think that you are healthy. Cut to the chase - ask him to start exercising with you. It could be walking, biking, running, swimming, whatever. And it would get you both off your butts doing nothing. Just making out isn't going to firm up your relationship.

Second, you want to appear smart. To do that, you have to pass some good ideas by him. This is hard, so one way to do that is to ask lots of people for advice. Yahoo! Answers isn't bad for this. You'll have to decide what is good, however. And, as has been mentioned, you might want to invest some time in spelling and grammar. You may have great spelling and grammar and are just doing this for style. How would i know?

Third, you want to appear happy. It can be such a drag to be with someone who is cranky or demanding. Be happy and and avoid being a nag. Learn some jokes. More than half of all jokes fail miserably, so you need a bunch of them. Learn what kinds of jokes he likes. But if you become a nag, your relationship is destined to the death spiral. He'll withdraw, you'll want more, and nag more.

Best of luck, and clear skies.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it right time now to start to bicycle on the road?

No. It was time at least three decades ago.

When i lived in Boston, the bicycle was by far the fastest way to get around town. When i lived in Philadelphia, the bicycle was by far the fastest way to get around town. Philadelphia police had several officers patrol by bike. I would say it's quickest in Detroit, but Detroit has nowhere that i want to go.

But if you haven't started biking around town, it's a good time to start. If everyone biked or walked places, there would also be health benefits - reduced diabetes, heart disease, better sex lives, and so on.

(more Yahoo! Answers).