Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Of Course

I just completed a three day course at work. That's one point of view. The course used to be four days or five days, but now it's three days. Same material. It takes time for the material to sink in. And the way that this might happen is if i read the 500+ page text book from cover to cover, and do all the exercises in the work book. And soon. But, in principal, i know it all now.

Early in the course, there was an example where there was a pin that was measured to be a certain diameter, and also, there was a hole that was measured to be the same diameter. The question was, will the pin fit into the hole? My response was to ask how big the hammer was allowed to be.

One can, indeed, jam that much information into one's brain in such a short period of time. However, one must be prepared to use a really big hammer. But it's not free. I now feel like i've been hit by a truck, and then run over by a steam roller. We have chosen to describe the result of the incident survival.