Thursday, October 16, 2008

Less Filling

Went to the dentist first thing this morning and got a filling. As first appointment of the day, there was no waiting. My tongue is about the size of New Jersey now. When i need to do something, i now have to check if it can be done while having a tongue that big. I can type, apparently.

After he took the needle out, i said with enthusiasm, "I like needles!". Then i added that i just wanted to say something he hadn't heard before. He said he doesn't hear it often.

I probably should have had breakfast first. But i was in such a hurry to get there on time. Can't eat now. Hey - it's a new diet! Weight loss is guaranteed! Or is it wait loss?

I woke this morning with sore neck muscles. I was reminded of the Steve Wright line.

When I woke up this morning, my girl friend asked me, "Did you sleep well?" I said, "No. I made some mistakes."