Sunday, January 29, 2006

The end of Xenocide

I finished reading Xenocide, on dead trees, just in time to return it to the Library. It was touch and go there for a bit. But the morning of the due date, there were only twenty pages to go, and it was a Saturday.

The more i think about Orson Scott Card's books, the more i think he must have gotten cash to write more or less favorably on the subject of ID. There is plenty of hard science and smart thinking in these books. It just seems unlikely that Card has actually bought into that kind of nonsense.

Oh well. It was a nonsense article, i can ignore it. i've started his book entitled Shadow Puppets, and have checked out the audio version of Shadow of the Giant, both are in the Enderverse, following the character Bean. So far, there is no evidence of dementia, so i'll continue down this line of entertainment.

People change. There is a newspaper article where Ann Rice, author of many entertaining vampire books, says that she's become a Christian, and will be writing Christian books from now on. Well, that doesn't retroactively change the old books. As a Christian, you might think i'd be into it... but it just doesn't sound very entertaining.

It happens to musicians too. Billy Joel has dropped out of pop, and has composed some classical music. And its hot, too, if you're into it. I wish more musicians would show off their talent.

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