Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have a high tolerance to pain. I don't even notice it. When noticed, i look for some cause and solution. Observation. Almost five years ago, the pain in my right shoulder was bad enough that I could not extend the arm higher than horizontal. I still reach for things on high shelves with my left hand. I didn't complain, but did notice that it was somewhat better on Sundays, and best on Monday mornings. What could that mean? Well, i'd experienced caffeine withdrawal on Sundays. I didn't just get headaches because i was at church. And when my Mt. Dew consumption was reduced, they went away. So, i went cold turkey, and 10 months later, was restored to full movement and the pain was gone. Arthritis in the hands and feet which i'd barely noticed, back pain, shoulder pain, all of it.

And i won't go back. Why would i grab a Dew if it will cause such misery? The reason is that caffeine is rather addictive after all, and by comparison, i have no will power to speak of. But i'm back on the wagon again, and though my hands are better, i know my right foot won't recover until August.

The current additional experiment is to see if non-impact exercise will accelerate the healing process.

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