Thursday, June 15, 2006

Phone Cord

I've run a research project to determine the answer to a question burning in the hearts of many: What is the minimum number of strings or ropes or cords that it takes to create a tangled spaghetti mess?

The answer appears to be one.

And you may have evidence of this within a small number of inches from where you sit. Look at the nearest phone cord. If it is anything like mine, it is a tangled mess. Every few days, i take the phone off the hook, dangle it by the cord, and let it unwind. Despite low use, and always putting it down without twisting it once, the cord is basically always a twisted mess.

But not at home. It's a cordless phone there.

I had to look up the spelling in a dictionary. Apparently, a phone chord is some sort of musical idea. It's an idea that rings a Bell.

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