Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Book 7 - no spoilers

I've now read half of the book. The non-spoiler review so far: i like it.
There's not much to say beyond that without giving something away.
So, I'll stop.

Please don't post your spoiler here.
For example, don't flip to the last page and tell me the last word.
Even if that word turns out to be "the" (which is unlikely. I'm not sure
i could construct a sentence that ends with the word "the").

I'm not reading the web until i've finished the book. It could be
a few days. Unfortunately, i have to eat and sleep, too.


David K. said...

You could have had the book at 12:01 AM Saturday. If you read at a steady average of 50 pages an hour, that's like 16 hours. You should have been done mid-afternoon Saturday. You, sir, are no fan.

Stephen said...

The books take three days to read. This has nothing to do with the number of pages, or how fast i read.

I also didn't dress up like a crumple horned snorkack to pick up the book. So, maybe you're right.

Stephen said...

Another non spoiler. Now that i've read nearly the entire book. I'm don't think it's fiction. No one could make up that kind of stuff.

Stephen said...

OK, now i've read the whole thing. Nothing new to report.

David K. said...

OK, so having said you're no fan, I'll admit I haven't even started. We have it, but my daughter wants me to read it aloud (though she's certainly capable of reading it herself), because we read the others aloud, but we're already in the middle of a read-aloud book (Eragon). I suggested setting aside Eragon, as if it were two books, since it's likely to end on a cliffhanger anyway and HP will keep us from immediately moving on to Eldest. The idea was rejected. At 20 pages or so of bedtime reading per night, it takes us a while to get through these large books.

Stephen said...

I've read the first six books to my son. Yes, it takes awhile. We also did Eragon. I bought it on CD, and he's heard it at least twice more. The movie wasn't as good as the book. My son has read Eragon and Eldest, as well as the first six HP books. Eragon does not end in a cliff hanger.

I might make him read book seven before reading it to him. We're in the middle of something he wouldn't read himself - Carl Sagan's Contact. It's slower and has lots of big words.

Book 7 is the only book of the series that i haven't read at least three times, and also the only book of the series i haven't read out loud.