Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Canoe trip

Ducks on a log

It's late in the season, but the canoe trip experience has finally taken place. We're not talking about a shakeout run to make sure everything works. We're also not talking about days on the water, or some other big deal. But, a trip with passengers. It's taken nearly a month to get it together.

Since we're, at heart, city folk, the trip takes place in a city. The Huron River runs through Ann Arbor, MI. Since it was otherwise quiet and peaceful, we brought along a couple ten year olds to provide continuous noise. The ducks were unable to compete with this noise, and so, stayed quiet themselves.

Gorgeous day. This is, unfortunately, the best picture taken all day. It had to be modified to look even this good. Mallards, i think.

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