Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Word as reader

Have i mentioned how terrible MS Word is as a document reader? Today? A couple starting caveats. First, i'm using Microsoft Word 2002 sp3. Second, this isn't just Microsoft bashing, as fun as that is. Many modern word processors suck as document reader applications. And yet, if someone writes a document in a proprietary format like Word, you expect that somewhere down the line, someone will use Word to read the document. It might be the author, for proof reading. It might be the prospective employer, who needs to read your resume (or is it CV now - latin seems to be making a comeback. Is that because of Harry Potter?).

So, what is it, exactly that is so awful? Is it Page Mode vs. Normal? Is it the zoom level, and having to zoom in when dealing with print resolution graphics, but then zooming out to cope with the text? Is it dealing with objects that don't fit on the screen?

No. It's the idea that the page down and page up buttons change your insertion point and any screen movement is incidental. So if you use the scroll bar, and then forget and use page down, it typically jumps back up.

I'd rant some more, it's so much fun, but there's little more to say.

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