Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Extracts from Adam’s Diary

I recently listened to Extracts from Adam’s Diary, a Mark Twain piece read on Librivox, and available for free download. The work is short. There are five chapters, the longest is about six minutes. It's a good quality recording, and read competently. Twain has sharp wit, and this somewhat masks the points he also manages to insert into this short story. If Genesis read this way, more people would understand it.

I particularly liked it, partly because it happens to be a bit of Twain i'd never read before. I've read alot of Twain, so this is becoming more rare. I have read Twain's Letters from Earth, which also has a Biblical bent. But where Twain didn't release Letters, probably because he wasn't satisfied with it, he did release Extracts. Letters starts out sharper, but soon runs out of good material, and drifts from focus. Extracts maintains focus and reaches a conclusion.

It's funny. It's a very consumable sound bite. What are you waiting for?

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