Thursday, May 22, 2008

Starship Sofa

Just listened to a short story, And the Deep Blue Sea by Elizabeth Bear, hosted on Starship Sofa. I've no idea how this mp3 got into my feed and therefore on my iPod.

It's a good story. I'm not going to give away the surprise ending. If i could figure out what the ending is, i wouldn't tell you. Not every story has to end with "...and they lived happily ever after...".

The intro can be safely ignored. He goes on for a bit about how he couldn't think of anything profound to say. Though he does introduce the author. I like his accent. It's not like mine. But he doesn't read the story. That's a relief. It's a pro reading all the way.

I'll probably add Starship Sofa to my feed. That'll put me years behind, i'm sure. but at least the episodes aren't two hours long like some napolean podcast that i'm still subscribed to. Isn't Napolean going to die soon? I don't know enough about history to know. Sigh. That's why it's in my feed. I really can't cope with 2 hour mp3's.

My commute has gone from an hour each way to twenty minutes. I did cut a few things from my feed. But the strange thing is that i seem to be getting through nearly as much as i used to. I'll have it on while cleaning the house, cooking, mowing the lawn (one of the mowers has no engine, and is therefore silent). All my really short feeds (half hour or less) get consumed right away. But i'm stuck on this 2 hour feed.

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