Saturday, September 20, 2008

What spider is this?

This spider is prowling my basement. Any ideas what it might be?

I don't have arachnophobia. These things eat other things that would otherwise bug me.

Darn - the image is clipped. Use your browser to "view image" to see more of it, like the whole quarter.

Best guess so far - a Dark Fishing Spider.


Craig Maloney said...

I'm more curious what's next to it. Did it take care of that or what?

Also, Sarah went to show JoDee a spider that had built a web outside her room. During the demo, a bee / yellowjacket / something swooped in and stung the spider. Pretty messed up stuff.

Stephen said...

I've seen this spider before. It's usually pretty shy. But this time, it was defending it's kill. So i went upstairs and got the camera. I can't imagine there's that much to eat in my basement for a big hungry spider.

It was in front of my dryer. I was going to remove the clean clothes, but waited a couple hours instead. No sign of the spider was left.

DQKennard said...

I think that if my wife saw that in front of our dryer, I'd have gotten called (even at work) to come "rescue" her. But, honeyyyy, it'll eat the crickets! and it's so cute!