Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Seanachai

I've been listening to podcasts since they came out. At first, i'd download them, cut them to CDs, and listen to them on my way to work and back. Since that was 2+ hours of driving a day (37,000 miles a year), i could listen to quite a bit. Much better than listening to the traffic report - which mostly told me that my last half hour was due to an accident that happened yesterday. But now i have an mp3 player. Or maybe three of them. And i wear headphones 24/7.

Patrick E. McLean's shows started out as bite sized 5-7 minute stories with extraordinarily great production values. Not just a good script. Not just a good mike. Not just good sound effects. But the whole thing just sort of sucks you in.

Now, i just put

into my long list of stuff to download. And every now and then, there's this totally off the wall incredible show. It's like Christmas.

I'm not the only one who likes it. Someone out at Bitstrips likes it too.

But the best is yet to come. You really have to check out Patrick's novel is fabulous. I'm getting it daily at podiobooks. You can get it slower if you want.

But you should hop on over to the store and drop $12 for a subscription. I have no idea what you'll get. But it's worth it if you get nothing extra. In fact, it's too cheap by half.


Stephen said...

I've no idea what the E. stands for.

DQKennard said...

"i wear headphones 24/7"

and getting impatient for the Bluetooth phones subdermally implanted against the jawbone?

Stephen said...

While there are people who use hearing aids to boost the sound getting to their ears, i use active noise reduction to reduce it. So, the subdermal implants need to be able to do that too.

Bluetooth? Why not go for WiFi? Then there'd be bandwidth for video, tied into the optic nerves. Then i could watch Gilligan's Island reruns at will.