Monday, November 08, 2010

Everything breaks

An odd series of failures seems to have happened all at once. Seals on the oil pump for one car, the water pump, and now it seems, the thermostat of the other car, a printer, and the CPU fan for a computer. The phone. Having redundant hardware isn't enough. Well, nothing lasts forever. But the CPU fan is only maybe five months old. I had expected better. The worst failure, though, is a long lasting cold. Well, there's no fever. But it's been far too long.

This blog has been idle for quite a bit. Lots going on. There are about a dozen posts in the queue. Just have to get time to upload them. Also, i've pretty much abandoned my livejournal blog. The ads that livejoural have added are invasive. I don't like my own site. So, my astronomy stuff will start getting posted here as well in the near future.


Stephen said...

I'd forgotten that a door knob broke too.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend not touching easily breakable this week. Or any technology. Just go back to bed. No, wait, then the bed might break.

Stephen said...

I'm sleeping in the basement on the concrete floor. I suppose the basement will flood now.

Stephen said...

Well, all this stuff is fixed now. Even the door knob. The northbridge fan didn't completely die, but got really noisy. It's replaced now, making the system really much quieter.

I do have a car thermostat to replace. I've got the part, but will wait until it stops snowing.