Friday, August 19, 2011

Bike Log Day Four

I weighed myself just before day one. I guess that would be day zero. I'd lost five pounds compared to the previous time i'd weighed myself. That was a couple months ago. As i haven't been dieting, per se, i didn't expect to see a drop. I figured that since it was a fairly dramatic five pounds, i must have caught my weight at a low ebb. Historically, my weight has normally risen and fallen, pretty much at random, over a ten pound range, in the course of any random week. When i take a measurement, there's usually no way to take it at face value. I weigh myself approximately daily over a week, and my weight for the week is the lowest number. I figure it's easy to add weight - drinking a gallon of water is about eight pounds. But, i figure the bottom is the bottom.

A gallon of water is quite a bit. In 1986, i drank a gallon of water every day for six months, and half a gallon the other six months. It's great for your health. Now, you might think that my weight value from two months ago would also be subject to the ten pound range. But that was with several measurements. So it's likely that it really was the minimum back then.

On day two, i weighed myself again, and it was another three pounds down. So that's down eight pounds. Eight pounds is not something i lose in two months without serious effort. So this minor mystery is getting to be less minor.

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