Friday, October 21, 2011

parent/teacher conferences

An algebra teacher has four hundred and twenty students. There are three hours for parent/teacher conferences. If each parent talks to the teacher for one minute, how many new gray hairs does the teacher have by the end of it?

a. 5
b. 100
c. 500
d. all of them.

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Stephen said...

Three hours is 180 minutes. Parents who want to talk to teachers really need 5 minutes or more. How are you supposed to talk to 420 sets of parents? It doesn't add up.

One of the teacher's complaints is that the parents who show up don't include the parents who really need to show up.

Kids who have parents who are helping them do better, on average. These are the parents who go to parent/teacher conferences. The obvious lesson is that if you have a kid who's not doing so hot, get involved. The teachers can give you hints on how to get your kids through homework, how to study for tests, what material is coming up, and so on.