Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I read this bit about ants and immediately thought of how people pick movies.

Movies are a great example. People see the trailers, and either watch or not. The first people who see the real movie talk about it. But movie promoters talk up a movie if the first week went well. But the first week's box office has to do with people who went because they liked the trailer. There's no information about the actual movie. And critics are no help. They either think their job is to criticize it, tell you if they liked it, or just tell you everything that could possibly be of interest in it. Their job is really to tell you enough about the movie so you can decide if you might like it or not, but not give so much away to ruin it. It's not an easy job, and few have succeeded. So we go to movies we don't like. In fact, one time, i went to the theater and watched the wrong movie. It turned out to be the better choice. And that's what i think about when we're talking about ants. Remember, there are way more ants than uncles.

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