Thursday, March 16, 2017


I've never rejected anyone on the basis of their resume.

First, especially my early resumes were retyped by the agency, and all sorts of typos were introduced, especially in acronyms. I'd be in an interview, and they'd ask me what one of these means. I've never seen this resume. Often, when i'd told them stories about what the resume was supposed to say and what the job was really about, they made me an offer.

Second, only about one in three candidates actually show up for their interviews. After about ten who actually show up, we get someone who's English is so bad, we can't tell if they know what they're doing or not, even after talking for an hour. I'm thinking (optimistically) that this is someone i could train. We get together and decide that this would, in  fact, be someone we'd have to talk to from time to time, and a rejection is made.

We finally get a competent candidate who accepts our offer. They show up and start working, but they go out to lunch and never return. I'm starting to think that the job wasn't so hot either.

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