Thursday, August 11, 2005

Harry Book Six Spoiler

So, everyone's read book six by now, or has heard enough spoilers so they don't have to. I can't recall a book, movie, or anything that has engendered this kind of response. People who have never read any of the books talk about the surprise ending.

Which is that it wasn't about 1200 pages. Sorry if this is a shock to you, but i couldn't help myself. The first book is, what, 309 pages? Book two is 341. Then 435 for the Prisoner. The Goblet is 734. The Phoenix is 870 pages. If you plot it and extrapolate, then book seven has to be larger than the entire collected works of Gilderoy Lockhart! But the Half Blood Prince is only 650 pages. I need new math. Perhaps Arithmancy.

There's another oddity concerning the series. Each of the books take about two days to read. It doesn't seem to matter how short or long they are. Its always about two days. Clearly, some magic is accelerating nearly everyone's reading speed. That's my proof that the books are, well, enchanting.

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allison said...

yeah, i have a lot of friends who like HP....maybe I should read them.