Monday, August 29, 2005

Ice Cream

Time heals all ills. A fairly short time covers ice cream headaches.

So, here i am, impatiently waiting for the ice cream headache to subside, so that i can wolf down the rest of the serving. The headache is severe. The ice cream isn't that good, is it? We're talking about severe pain. I know it will go away. But why court experiencing that sort of pain again? Its hard to believe that simple impatience covers it.

Perhaps nature will give us some sort of insight into migrain headaches through ice cream headaches. That would be, uhm, welcome relief for many.

Yes, time heals all ills. But while waiting for even an ice cream headache to go away, i'm thinking, just like AIDS.

1 comment:

FreeThinker said...

How about just eating ice cream a bit slower? Relax, enjoy, like a good wine. No headaches, longer enjoyment, better health!