Friday, March 09, 2007

Signs In The Sky

If you view my profile, you'll see that i'm older than i look. And, yes, exercise, diet and clean living have made quite a contribution. But you'll also see things that aren't intended.

For example, you'll see Zodiac Year: Dog (bow wow, or some such). This would be the Chinese year. I didn't write that. It was computed (correctly) from my birth date. From Chinese restaurant place mats, i'd long thought that i was a Zodiac Year: Pig (oink, oink). But since there was a full moon within hours of the Winter Solstice in 1958, the Chinese new year (based on a lunar calendar) came fairly late in 1959, at least a week into February. So, it's all gone to the dogs for me. I read a 60+ page pdf on the subject, and that's my best guess. Yet, despite all my calculations, i know little and care even less about Chinese astrology. Even if it was a brown dog year.

But there is also a bullet point, Astrological Sign: Aquarius. Now most people would say that January 24th makes me Aquarius. But if you examine the above image, the Sun was clearly in Capricornus - so i'm a Capricorn, right? So why does nearly everyone say i'm Aquarius? Well, that's because astrology has been around for a long time, and the Earth has had enough time to move in it's precession of the equinoxes. My guess is that since the changes have been quite slow, astrologers, who basically do what they've been taught, haven't updated the dates for the zodiac signs.

I'm not here to bash BlogSpot for making bogus calculations. I'm not here to bash astrology in it's various forms. My point is really that not everything you read is either correct or even what was intended. In this case, since i lean more towards astronomy than astrology, if you want to know what i think of my birth sign, it just isn't the historic Aquarius answer. Oh, and you'll be hard pressed to convince me that the alignment of the Sun on my birthdate to the arbitrary grouping of stars we call Capricorn has any cosmic significance to me or anyone else.

I normally post this sort of thing on my Live Journal blog, which i've attempted to devote to astronomical humor. But that blog doesn't put my signs in my profile.


Gerry L said...

RE your comment on Aeitiology and the Skiff presentation: If you haven't already read it, see Barbara Forrest's Creationism's Trojan Horse. Filled to overflowing with evidence that the IDM is nothing more than a PR campaign. If you can't find the book readily available in the library, look for articles of hers that may be posted on the web.

Stephen said...

Thanks. We've got a good library system here. If my local branch doesn't have it, i can usually get it through interlibrary loan. The computer has the catalog of the entire system of libraries. If i knew the URL, i could find out from where i'm sitting. I could even order it over the phone. How cool is that?

Andy Lawrence said...

Is this zodiac sign stuff a standard part of Blogger profiles ?? Jeez. Glad I chose Wordpress. If I had a blog that mentioned Astrology, I'd get chucked out of the IAU.