Sunday, November 27, 2005

Keep Your Computer Alive

A club that i belong to uses Excel to keep track of members, who had paid their dues, who hasn't, what bills have been paid, etc. Every year, we elect new officers, including treasurer. The bi-laws state that an individual can only hold an office for two years in a row. This cycles in new blood, and is, in general, a good thing.

Now, the new treasurer suggested a fairly minor change to reduce his work load. While that's a good thing, i suggested that it might be worthwhile for someone (me) to volunteer to write up some web based software that would automate some of the tasks. It should be a step up from Excel, anyway. Also, it might allow those of us in the club that don't use Windows to take on this job in the future. I got the strangest reaction. It was as if Windows, no matter what, was the ONLY software that could do the job.

Now, i get accused of being a Mac bigot, or Linux bigot, or Unix bigot all the time. When i mention that Windows is the only OS in common use that suffers from viruses and worms, the Windows bigots come out of the woodwork in defense. Look, get over it, it was just a fact. I don't run Windows at home, because, unlike work where there is a corporate firewall, a help desk, automated virus scanners with updates, and automated patching two or three times a month, and doing this for myself would take too long. I have a computer so i can do some computing. I run Linux because it is easily the most powerful, and i climbed the steep learning curve over twenty years ago. I had a Mac in 1987, when DOS ran on 286's. I never had any need for Windows at home.

I have gotten really tired of the Windows bigots. Perhaps i should just stop helping them when their machines get trashed. Don't ask me, just read my brother's book Keep Your Computer Alive. It's an easy read with entertaining cartoons, and will help you cope with your Windows system.


FreeThinker said...

Wouldn't web-based software be independent of an OS?

Stephen said...

Yes, web-based software would be independent of OS. Much of the server side software I use is platform independent as well, so even the server could be any server. This would be irrelevant to the client, but it allows me to use cheaper servers by not having to care so much what platform happens to be used by a cheap provider. The current low bid uses Linux, but the previous low bid was BSD based, before that it was AIX. It might be Windows or Mac at some point - one never knows.

BluesBrian said...

Can't say I meet many "Windows bigots" .. Anyone that uses windows, knows that there's got to be something better! .. Anyone that's responsible for "buying" windows has to know that there has to be something that's a better value!