Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thinking is Fundamental

Fundamentalism hampering global climate change efforts

I'd say that words fail me on this, but i'll plow forward anyway. Even a literal interpretation of the Christian Bible, including Genesis and New Testament references, make it clear that humans are given the stewardship of the Earth. Just as the King of a country can cause significant damage, and therefore has management duties, people clearly have a responsibility. If nothing else, it does not make sense to piss in your own bed. So how resistance to stemming radical climate change can be justified is unfathomable.


BluesBrian said...

but then again.. there are chain smokers that will step away from their O2 tanks long enough to get in one more drag off of a cigarette!

Humanity is in for a few more big shocks! The big "natural" disasters have shown pretty much that humanity needs all-the-more to band together.. I'm feelin' mostly "postdelusional" about the progress that we're making!

// Brian

Stephen said...

When a Hurricane hits the Florida Keys, they don't say, "What the... again?". For the most part, they're prepared for it. Their houses aren't, for the most part, swept off of the island chain, and, for the most part, it isn't news.

Yet, people build houses on the sides of hills with past history of mud slides. And other people buy them. They are then surprised when another mud slide comes along.

None of this is rocket science. The town could zone the hills as not developable. The state can mandate building codes for buildings that can withstand the expected elements.

I personally feel lucky. My house survived the worst flooding in the area's 200 years of history. Just a couple miles away were houses that were two feet under water. It didn't have to happen that way. Yet, I doubt that my house would survive a tornado, which is a distinct possibility in the Detroit area.